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The control system of Wood CNC router

Time:Apr 15, 2015Author:Sofia Gao

 The control system of Wood CNC router

As we know the control system is the one of the core part of  Wood CNC router. It affect the machine operating directly. However lots of customers do not know the difference between the different controls systems. When comes to order a machine, they will be confused about which one is the most suitable one. Morn here explain more about the control system and hope it will helps.

There is 3 main control systems for Wood CNC router
Type 1: DSP A11

DSP A11  is the most popular control system for 3 axis Wood CNC router machine. Very professional for single head wood CNC router, multi heads wood CNC router, double process CNC router, three process CNC router, and other 3 axis CNC routers.
Main feature of DSP A11 as bellow
1.With USB connection, could read USB disk directly. Very convinient to operate
2.With 128M memory and adopt removable storage technology, can support any size file, fully offline operation
3.The DSP with simple buttons, easy operate, fast reaction, as well as very stable.

Type 2:  Weihong Industry control system with display (NK200, NK260, NK300)

The weihong industry control system with display is also used widely in the CNC router field. Especially the NK260 which owns more functions than NK200, and lower price than NK300.
It is mainly used for double process CNC router, three process CNC router, ATC CNC router, 4 axis CNC router as well as metal molding CNC router, etc.
Features of weihong industry control system
1.All the control system (NK200, NK260, NK300) with the seperate operating panel make the operation easier.
2.With the hand wheels, very convinient to control and professional for complex and high precision working jobs.

Type 3:  Syntec control system for high level CNC router
Syntec control system is profesional for high level CNC routers because it is professional functions. Usually used for ATC, 4 axis, 5 axis as well as other high level CNC routers. Much more professional than weihong industry control system.

The features of Syntec control system
1.One of the most famous brand in the world, and the stability is much more better than others.
2.Very professional for high level CNC routers. It owns lots of functions to help you


And there is also other control system in the market. Such as the Nc sudio, the March 3. It is also famous, but it is intead by the DSP, NK260, Syntec step by step.

Above is the main type of control system, hope it will help you to know more about cnc router machine. If you need any CNC router machine in future or you need help about the CNC router, you are welcomed to contact morn. Morn is always your best choice!


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