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Our technician Bob came back from Indonesia

Time:Jun 24, 2014Author:Amar

Dear friends,

How are you? Do wish all of you will have a nice day~

Here I want to share some news with you, our technician Bob came back from Indonesia after offer training of YAG metal laser cutting machine. He stayed in Indonesia for about one week, and now the machine is working very well...

YAG metal laser cutting machine can be used for mild steel, stainless steel cutting, compared with plasma cutting machine, the edge is more smooth, and compared with fiber laser cutting machine, YAG metal laser cutting machine price is more reasonable. So it is a good choice if you are also in this area.

We welcome our clients to get training in our factory, we offer free training in our workshop...

Here are some photos to share with you:

 Our technician offered training to our client in Indonesia--YAG metal laser cutting machine training.

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