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MT-L1325F fiber laser cutter for sale

Time:Feb 25, 2016Author:April

Metal laser cutting machine is the leader in modern cutting equipment, particularly in the field of sheet metal processing, metal processing enterprises are favored by a lot of customers. The metal laser cutter has a cutting speed, high precision cutting, cutting low-cost advantages,and relatively environmentally friendl to improve employee productivity, enhance the company's competitiveness. Today, let MORN introduce our MT-L1325F fiber laser cutting machine for your reference.


1. High-quality laser optics system and excellent attachements. Best quality with best price

2. Efficient and stable programing and control system, easy to learn. Compatible with myan kindls of CAD files and formats Interlligent-layout and cost-saving.

3. Engergy-saving and cost-saving. Laser machine is stable and easy to maintain.

4. No need mold and flexible manufacturing, which can meet any requirement of all kinds of special workpieces.

5. Highly-efficient cutting and good cutting edge is excellent. No noise and no vibration. Cutting speed can be up to tens of meters per minute when cutting thin metal sheet. Quality to cutting dege is excellent.

6. Imported servo motors, this can make sure to much more improve stablity and reliablity of laser machines, at the same time can ensure precision of processing.

Morn warranty: 
1. 3 year for fiber laser machine, 2 year for laser generator 
2. Lifelong technical support online or by email 
3. 18 hours online service to help you use our machine well
4. Offer oversea service for training,installing,operating if necessary 
5.. Offer training at our factory for free(you could visit us and learn)

Morn has produced laser cutting machine for many years, we have professional designer and technician in this area. Our Morn team is sunny and positive, we will try our best to offer each customer the best service. If you have any question about the CNC router or laser machine you can contract us directly. We will try our best to help you.

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