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Morn tell you how to choose the right laser machine

Time:Jan 27, 2016Author:Cherry

Do you know how to choose a right laser machine? Morn Techonology will tell you as below.

Customers when selecting a laser machine, must well know mainly want to use it with engraving or cutting, it is the first step to choose the right laser machine.

1.Choose suitable processing size.
For laser engraving and cutting machine, there are many kinds of processing size about X or Y axis, customers need according to their materials maximum to order the machine worktable size, to avoid unnecessary processing wide is too large and waste their money.


2.The selection of laser power.
Normally we will use the sealed CO2 glass laser tube, commonly used power have 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W, etc. If the customer is given priority to with carving, choose under 80 w power, such as cutting, to look at the material, thickness of cutting, choose suitable power, cannot avoid small power cut through thick materials, then can choose the right
laser engraving or cutting machine.


3.Selection for the worktable.

Operation table generally have aluminum platform, honeycomb, blade, rollers etc. Used tablet is commonly used for carving or cutting paper-cut picture. If you want to cut cloth, leather, etc., choose cellular mesa. If cutting acrylic, density board, such as the choice of the blade is better, because the acrylic material, density board, then cut it produces a lot of smoke, so choose to smoke better blade operation platform.


4.Watch manufacturer's credibility.
Must understand this company possess their productions, have their own factory or agent of another machine, how about their after-sales service.

Do you want to buy a laser machine? If so, please contact me directly, then I will send you more details about our Morn laser machine.


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