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metal fiber laser marking machine for sale

Time:May 18, 2016Author:Cherry

Metal fiber laser marking machine for sale

Morn metal laser marking machine is popular in the world. Because of its unique characteristics and significant advantages. This week, we just delivered some these type machines to our old customers.

Morn marking machine mainly characteristics:

Morn metal marking machine significant advantages:
1. Long lifetime: 100,000 hours
2. High speed: max can up to 7000mm/s
3. High accuracy: 0.001mm
4. Save energy: 20W laser source machine whole machine working power is lower than 800W
5. Mantianence-free: almost without any wearing parts, maintianence-free

Our fiber laser marking machine widely used in the dately life. Besides it can marking on various metals, such as steel, aluminum, brass, androized aluminum, coated metals, copper, etc. It can also marking on some nonmetallic materials, like wood, ceramic products, color plastic, etc.
Meatime, our machine can also marking on round objects with rotary device. Such as marking on rings, pens, bottles, etc.

Do you have any interest in our marking machine? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. Then we can offer you more details according your demand.
Have a nice day!

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