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Marking machine operation noted

Time:May 04, 2016Author:Cherry

1. Laser machine intensity drops, mark is not clear
Solve method:
(1) Whether laser resonator changes; Fine tuning cavity lens; Make the output light is best
(2) Acousto-optic crystal offset or light output power energy is low; Adjust the acousto-optic crystal location or increase the light power supply working current
(3) Enter the galvanometer laser off center: adjust the laser
(4) If the current transferred to about 20 a photographic still strong enough: krypton lamp aging, replace the new lamp


2. Krypton lamp can't trigger
Solve method:
(1) Check that all of the power cables for fiber marking machine
(2) High pressure krypton lamp aging, krypton lamp replacement


3. Marking machine operation note: laser marking machine
(1) It is strictly prohibited to no water or water cycle is not normally start the laser power and Q power
(2) Don't allow Q power light work (i.e., the Q output power end dangling)
(3) Abnormal phenomenon, first switch off the galvanometer and key switch, check again
(4) Are not allowed to start the other components in front of the krypton lamp lit, in case of high pressure into the damaged components
(5) Pay attention to the laser power output end (anode) impending, in case of light and other appliances, breakdown
(6) Keep in the circulating water clean, regular cleaning tank and clean in deionized water or pure water


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