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Market platform to do international business

Time:May 05, 2015Author:Sofia Gao

Market platform to do international business
As we know, lots of people owns his company and sometimes doing international business all over the world. What make this possible ? Which tools or platforms they are using to help them to sell goods to the whole worlds ?

Main market platform: Alibaba Corporation (
This is the largest Internet companies in China and the world's second-largest Internet company. Most of the international company sell their products by through this website, and in other side, this website is well know by the international buyers.
Alibaba?Corporation is build by Jack Ma (Chinese) in the year of 1999. It is belongs to B2B trading platform for exporting and importing.
The market share of Alibaba Corporation is more than 77% and become the first choice to export or import. It is means, if you meet 10 people who is doing international business, there is 8 people is using the Alibaba platform.

The key competitors of Alibaba is not ebay, Amazon and other retail sites, but Global Sources (, Global Market (, Made in China ( and other B2B trade platform which is based on the market share,
Lets talk Globle sources first. The Globle Sources was the No1 before and owns mores than 40 years history. It is US company which start from the trading magazines and then developed into the trading platform in 1990s (general company in Asia market located in Hongkong). However, in the year of 2006, it catch up by the alibaba which gain the main market share quickly. After that year, Globle Source become weaker and weaker and for now, it only takes 14% market share for exporting and importing trading business.

There left about about 10% market share for the international business and it takes by lots of other B2B market platform. Such as Globle Market, Made in China and others.

So if you also doing international business or you are plan to enter this field, this maybe will be help you someday.

Morn company also doing international business and our products is all kinds of CNC router machines (such as wood CNC router machine, stone CNC router machine, metal CNC router machine, etc), if you need it someday, pls feel free to contact with MORN!


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