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Advantage Analysis for Plastic Marking by Laser Machine

Time:Sep 15, 2017Author:Cherry

Plastic products have a far-reaching impact on our daily life. Such as plastic barrels, cups, faucets, mobile phone cases, lamps, agricultural plastics, plastic packaging, decorative plastics, medical plastics and other industries.


Normally the plastic product manufacturers will mark the clear and beautiful information on the plastic products. Such as the production date, logo, patent number, company name, parameters, indicating the name, number and other information. In order to improve their own brand influence and promote brand awareness. 


However, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards. People are more and more attention to the quality of plastic products. Not only need to reduce the pollution of plastic products on environment, but also more and more attention to the appearance of plastic products quality. So the traditional printing marks cannot meet our modern living standards. Such as screen printing, transfer printing, embossing, embossing, ink printing, etc. Because they are easy to cause the marking information wear and tear off. Most important, they are easy to cause pollution to the environment. Especially the food industry need to be used with caution. It is difficult to meet the processing needs of plastic products.


In order to meet our modern living standards and solve these problems. Now more and more plastic products processing industry began to use the current laser marking machine to mark. Because of the significant market advantage of the laser marking machine. Such as its rapid development and rapid application, non-contact processing, non-polluting, high operating accuracy, high marking speed, easy to operate and perfecting marking effect of a permanent.


Compared to the traditional printing method. Laser marking technique not only mark on products with better smooth texture, but also do not need expensive pre-work and the final dressing work. Meantime, it could based on its actual needs and match related automation facilities to meet large volume marking production needs.

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