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Factors That Affect the Precision of Laser Cutting

Time:Jul 11, 2017Author:Cherry

Cutting precision is an important part of measuring the processing effect of fiber laser cutting machine, but the precision of laser cutting is not entirely dependent on the equipment itself, but by many factors, mainly in the following major factors:

1. The laser beam through the focus of the spot after the spot
The smaller the spot after the laser beam is gathered, the higher the cutting accuracy, especially the smaller slits, the smallest spot can reach 0.01mm.

2. The work of the bench to determine the accuracy of the cutting repeat the accuracy
The higher the accuracy of the table, the higher the accuracy of cutting.

3. The greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the accuracy, the greater the gap
As the laser beam is tapered, the slit is also tapered, the thickness of 0.3MM stainless steel than the 2MM small cut.

4. The workpiece material on the laser cutting accuracy have a certain impact
Under the same circumstances, stainless steel than aluminum cutting precision, cut some smooth.


There are errors in the processing size of the use of fiber laser cutter equipment processing often encountered failure, the failure not only affects the production efficiency, but also increase the cost of production. The main reasons for the failure of the processing dimension error are as follows:

1. The signal line is not normal. Replace the signal line at this time.

2. Equipment and computer grounding bad. At this point need to equipment and computer good grounding.

3. The computer is not working properly. At this point you need to repair the computer or replace the computer.

4. The computer operating system failure or infected with the virus. Need to reinstall the operating system or virus killing.

5. The application software is not normal. At this time need to re-install the software and motion control card driver software.

6. The power supply is unstable or by the interference signal. At this point need to install the regulator or remove the interference signal.

7. The processing program is not correct. At this point need to check and repair the processing program.


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