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Factors That Affect Laser Cutting Performance

Time:Jul 25, 2017Author:Cherry

In the laser processing equipment market, laser cutting is the most important application technology. High cutting speed, high precision, thick plate and large cutting format is characterized by high-end high-power laser cutting machine equipment market has greater room for growth.

In the laser cutting process, the laser emitted by the laser is collimated and focused by the cutting head to focus (focus), the operator must ensure that the processing of the laser beam in the center of the nozzle, and adjust the distance from the nozzle surface Plate thickness), the nozzle at the high-pressure gas jet, with the laser beam to complete the cutting operation. The main influencing factors are as follows:


(1) Focus Diameter
Small diameter, narrow incision, cutting the thickness of small; large diameter, wide incision, cutting thickness.


(2) Focus Position
Determines the size of the workpiece surface and the shape of the incision; the best location depends on the type and thickness of the material.


(3) Power
Affect the thickness of the cutting plate; affect the processing efficiency and deformation.


(4) Cutting Speed
Need to match the power, gas flow, too small will lead to the formation of impermeable or burr.


(5) Nozzle Diameter
Small diameter, suitable for sheet cutting; large diameter, suitable for thick plate cutting.


(6) Gas
The purity of the gas affects the formation of burrs and the oxidation of the cutting surface; the more the gas flow, the thinner the plate, the greater the air pressure.


(7) Beam Mode
For example the Max Photonics laser source, power that below 1500W the following is a single model, power 1500W or bigger for multi-mode. Single mold in the thin plate cutting effect is good, multi-mode spot larger, uniform energy distribution, suitable for thick plate cutting.


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