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laser cutting machine promote development garment industry

Time:Mar 31, 2016Author:Miya

With the improvement of people's quality of life, their own dress requirements are higher and higher, no longer limited to clothing style, style and more attention to the clothing fabric is comfortable, is environmentally friendly. All kinds of cotton, wool, pure silk, hemp natural fabrics, blended fabrics or quality, manufacture became much-loved all kinds of clothing. The cutting of the fabric, and laser equipment such as laser cutter, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine are inextricably linked.

Textile and apparel fabrics laser cutting machine for its processing precision, fast, simple operation, high degree of automation in the leather, textile and garment industry gradually been widely used.

Laser Cut Fabric Main Features:
1. With auto feeding system, the machine could feeding material automatically, improve the working efficiency a lot.
2.  Adopt the high efficiency Reci laser tube, the laser beam is more stable than the traditional one and the life time of the laser tube is over 100,000 hours.
3. Advanced DSP control system, professional motion control chip, consecutive high speed curve cutting, the shortest path selection function and USB interface improve the working efficiency a lot.
4. Compared with the ordinary laser machine, the series adopt more scientific design and high strength steel frame structure which increase the fuselage strength more than 40% to prevent the  machine from distortion after long term work.
 5. The humanized and modem appearance shows Morn machinery consistent humanity idea.


Fabric laser cutting machine is widely used in the textile and garment industry, processing of various clothing materials, cutting fabric, fabrics, clean cloth, non-woven fabrics, clothing accessories, trademark cutting etc handy. Laser equipment has many unique advantages, such as the new automatic feeding laser cutting machine, automatic feeding without manual operation, saving time and effort. Laser cutting machine can automatically layout, typesetting method based on the most material saving, time-saving, save materials and reduce waste. Laser cutting machine has a fabric-cutting was convenient, transform flexible, accurate and efficient, energy saving and other advantages, so much the textile and garment industry users of all ages.

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