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Is there any laser that cut leather?

Time:Oct 10, 2016Author:Cherry


Leaterh is widely used in our life. Such as the leather sofa, leather clothes, leather shoes, leather wallet, leather belt, leather decorations, etc.


Then there are many works need to cut leather with high precision and high working efficiency. Do you know which machine can cut leather with well performance? Is there any laser that cut leather? Confirm Morn laser machine can well cut leather.




However, does each laser machine can use to cut your leather? No, it also reletaed to your materials composition, your leather size and your leather thickness.


Because there are many kinds laser machine models, that with different size and different power. If you are mainly for cutting the thin and small leather, for example the small decorations, then the cheap mini laser machine can also meet your demand. However, if you want to cut the thicker leather, which was use to the big sofa. Then you need to choose the big cutting table laser machine, with bigger power.


Meantime, different leather will have different cutting effect. Sometime, there will be with yellow cutting edge when cut by laser machine. What we can do is to optimize the laser setup, and decrease the yellow or black cutting edge. Almost impossible to exactly avoide the yellow cutting edge. 



Do you want to know more details, that how to choose the most suitable laser machine for leather cutting? If so, please feel free to contact us. You just need to tell us your leather size, leather thickness. Then we can according your materials information, to recommend you the most suitable machine.


Of course it will be better, if you could share some of your leather product photos with us. According them, we can offer you the suitable laser machine better and faster.


Morn welcome your inquiry anytime.

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