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Is The Fiber Laser Marking Machine Suitable for Pen Marking?

Time:Sep 29, 2017Author:Elsa Lee

Pen is born to write. People use pen to record many things. But nowadays, pen is not only a writing tool, it already has rich meanings. Parents send pen to their children, hope they can be a useful person. Girls send pen to boys, that’s mean she miss him. Students send pen to each other, that’s mean to keep the friendship. Today I want to show you how to use the fiber marking machine to make a pen more beautiful.

What is a fiber laser marking machine? How to mark the patterns on the pen's surface? Hope the below information can help you to learn the machine clearly.

1. Fiber laser marking machine foundation:

Fiber laser marking machine is used to mark or engrave on the surface of the material. It has many excellent features, such as beautiful marking results, efficient energy conversion, low maintenance and operating costs, easy to operate and control. As the fiber light work on the materials  directly, the entire marking process is clean and efficient.

2. Mark patterns on the pen:

The place where the marking process is implemented can be customized according to the customer's request. Some customers choose to mark names or dates or other meaningful characters on the pen. While others like to mark special symbols such as logos on the pen. Then the user who use the pen can see the patterns anytime when writing.

People attach a feeling to a pen, and the fiber marking machine make he pen showing the feeling. Everyone will cherish that pen present very much. At that time, the pen is totally not only a writing tools.

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