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How to maintain your CNC router?

Time:Dec 10, 2015Author:April

Many customer complained that their machine can not work well. There is something wrong with the machine. They often think that they got bad quality machine.  Actually, most of time, they use the machine in the wrong way and they didn’t know how to maintain their CNC routers. Today let Morn introduce how to maintain your CNC machine.

It is divided into the following five areas: cleaning, oil, temperature, cooling water, computer maintenance.

Machine to be cleaned regularly

Many people think that it would be very troublesome, if he will clean the machine everyday, so they not only too lazy to clean, but also let the machine filled with something. It is harmful for machine.

1. After working, please clean the machine table. It will help the next time you work more convenient.

2. Clean wood rails and next to prevent debris interference, causing the machine card machine in the work process.

3. The regular cleaning of the screw, the screw to prevent a foreign body stuck, screw is the most important equipment, which affects the accuracy of the machine, and the screw plays an important role in the transmission process.

4. Regular cleaning of industrial containers.

Oil transmission shaft site

1. First clean the rail and screw, the oil and material debris on the rails and screw clean out. If the temperature is low, the rails and screws are plus oil, add antifreeze if conditions allow the best oil.

2. The fuel cycle can be flexible, generally once every two weeks plus.

3. If the machine has not used for a long time, should be regularly refuel and empty running again, in order to ensure flexibility in the transmission system.

4. After adding oil slowly back and forth after the operation to ensure that the lubricant can be uniformly applied onto the rail and screw.

The room temperature should be appropriate

1. Make sure the room temperature is appropriate, so that workers will not be cold.

2. Check the temperature of the fuel standards apply to at least the minimum temperature.

3. When the machine is idle, if the ambient temperature is low the best poured water tank, to prevent tanks and pipes were cracking.

Cooling water need be changed

1. Cooling water is a necessary condition for the spindle motor work properly, if the cooling water is too dirty motor will cause serious damage, clean water to ensure the normal operation of the cooling water and pumps.

2. Note the water level, water-cooled spindle motor can never appear water shortages, otherwise the motor heat can not be exported, so easy to burn out the motor.

3. Note the ambient room temperature, beware because the water temperature is too cold and cause the water tank and pipe cracking.

4. Qualified enterprises can use antifreeze cooled.

Computer connected devices requiring maintenance

1. Clean the cabinet periodically dust, note chassis cooling, carefully dust caused by excessive industrial card error.

2. Regularly defragment the hard disk, optimize PC system.

3. Regular killing the virus, but note engraving machine work can not open antivirus extent, avoid programs from interfering with the machine.

Morn has produced CNC wood router for many years, we have professional designer and technician in this area. Our Morn team is sunny and positive, we will try our best to offer each customer the best service. If you have any question about the CNC router or laser machine you can contract us directly. We will try our best to help you.

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