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how to extend the using life of laser machine

Time:Nov 03, 2015Author:Miya

When you bought laser cutter machine, you know how to install, how to do beautiful products, but you know how to extend laser engraving machine using life? Now following Morn to find best answer.

1. Good touch with ground. the machine bed must have a good grounding protection, wire ground should use less than 4Ω one.
(1) laser power can guarantee work,
(2) to extend the service life of laser tube,
(3) prevents the beating of machine outside interference,
(4)to prevent accidental discharge caused by high voltage circuit damage.

Special Recommendations: net electrical instability in the region (such as voltage fluctuations of more than 5%),  please install a capacity of at least more than 3000W power supply.

2. The cooling water should flow, either with tap water or a circulating pump, water flow must be maintained. Cooling water is taken away by the heat generated by the laser tube, the higher the temperature, the lower the optical output power (in 15-20 ℃ water temperature is better )

3. Use the ambient temperature should be in the range of 5-35 ℃.

Special attention: 

(1) to prevent water freezing cycle laser tube, water must be thoroughly shine after the shutdown,
(2) Power of laser current must warm up for 5 minutes or more to work in rainy days and humid environment more laser power required longer warm-up time.

4. Fan maintenance: Fan at work for some time, fans and exhaust pipe will accumulate a lot of dust, the dust will affect the efficiency of the exhaust fan.

Maintenance: the exhaust pipe and fan connection hose clamps loosen, remove the exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe and fan clean out the dust.
Period: one month.

5. Maintenance guide: guide the process in motion, because the processing material will produce a lot of dust is.
Maintenance: first with cotton to the upper rail of the original oil and dust wipe, wipe clean, and then the track surface and the side coated with oil.
Time: about a week.

6. The laser lens maintenance: the machine at work for some time, the lens due to the working environment and glue on the surface layer of ash, which will reduce the transmittance and reflectance of the reflective lens lens, and ultimately affect the power of the laser.
Maintenance method: with cotton wool dipped in alcohol to gently wipe the lens surface in the clockwise direction, wipe off the dust.

7. Screw fastening: motor system at work after a certain time, the screw movement will loose connections, loose screws later, it will affect the smooth mechanical movement.
Maintenance: Tool individually using the supplied fastening screws.
Maintenance cycle: a month or so.

Dear,  after reading the above contents, do you feel you are confident in maintain of machine, and you do not need worry about the maintain.
And if you want to know more maintain information about laser machine, or other knowledge,  pls contact Morn.

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