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how to choose the right laser machine

Time:May 13, 2015Author:Cherry

People always like to shop around when they want buy products. Because customers are not familiar with the product, so it will spend a lot of time in the purchase of products. For example, there have many different kinds of laser engraving machine on the market, have imported machine, domestic own design and produced machine, etc. Then morn will tell you how to choose the right laser machine from the variety machines. We can provide customers with a good reference about the machine choose on technology.

1. Choose right laser machine according the material type.
The product material decide the suitable type of laser machine. Laser machine was divided into two types of CO2 laser machine and YAG laser machine according the laser generated difference. CO2 laser machine is mainly used in non-metal materials, and YAG laser machine is mainly used in metal materials. Now the CO2 laser machine take a high market in the whole world.

2. Choose the right machine according the material size
Different laser machine can working on different size product. It is not the working area is bigger is better, as the big working area is not only is expensive but also have some worse quality machine laser output is uneven, then it will make the products have different depth in the same table. So it is better to choose the suitable machine.

3. Choose the right machine according the working type
Laser machine is divided to three types according the different working function. They are laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine and laser marking machine. They have different professional functions, and even the laser marking machine is special purpose machine, as it is only used to marking. Though the laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine can be generic, but it is better to choose the more suitable machine per your mainly working type.

4. Choose the right machine according the laser tube power
The laser tube is different as they have different laser power, and the different laser tube can used in different material engraving depth and cutting thickness. For example, the smaller laser power tube only applied to colored board, building models, small signed brand, 3D art and craft, etc.
The big power laser machine have two types, one type is big working area cutting machine, the working size is over one square meter, the precision for this type machine is not very high. Another type is medium size engraving machine, this type machine is mainly applied to the high precision products.

Hope the above information can help you well choose the laser machine. If you want to know more detailed information about our Morn laser machine, please contact me freely as follow.
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