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how to choose the laser marking machine

Time:Apr 14, 2015Author:Cherry

Since the invention of the fiber laser marking machine, it have widely used in all walks of life, either for the aerospace precision instrument tag or the life water bottles, eggs and so on. It have widely used our life and industry. According to different industry and material, our Morn team designed different professional laser marking machine. Such as fiber laser marking machine, diode laser marking machine, pulsed laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, dynamic focusing laser marking machine ( 3D ) etc.


Face so many laser marking machine equipment, as a new consumer, how to choose the laser marking machine ? Users must understand your produced material, and per it choose the right laser marking machine equipment. Then our Morntech will recommend you some suggestions per the material type.


1.Non-metallic material, for example wood.


For this type material, they can absorb the light wavelength for CO2 laser marking machine, then they would better to choose the CO2 laser marking machine. This type laser marking machine can used in wood material, clothes, leather etc. Meanwhile, this type equipment can realize assembly ling operation, and able to support a variety of software such as CAD, PS etc to make the operation more convenient and quick.


2.Original marking for metal and plastic material


If the metal and plastic material not need to marking very deep, you can choose the moderate price, stability and strong semiconductor laser marking machine. This type machine possess high stability and save electricity advantage, is the ideal laser marking machine.


3.High-end fine IC products


For the high-end IC products, such as LCD, plasma screen, monocrystalline silicon slice, this type of product you will need to choose cold light green laser marking machine and ultraviolet laser marking machine. The conversion rate for these two type machine is very high, the marking positioning is more fine and the precision is also high. Meantime, they possess high protective performance, low power consumption advantage. Then these the price for these two type machine will be relatively higher.



4.Precision marking for metal and some non-metallic material


For the precision marking on metal and some non-metallic material, such as computer chips accessories, electronic components, cast iron, aluminum and other metal material products will need to select the fiber laser marking machine. It is suitable for all kinds of precision marking, and it has become the mainstream of the laser marking machine on the market as it have high speed, compact size, good machining quality, high stability, longlife time and other excellent advantage. It can widely applicable to various metal and nonmetal material marking. 



5.Other style laser marking machine


We need use the specialized marking machine for special industry. For example the bearings need use the bearing specialized marking machine. Special material and products are all need to custom-made machine according their character, as original machine can not meet their demand.

In conclusion, different marking machine have different price and application, and for different material have different advantage. For example the fiber laser marking machine can marking on metal and some non-metallic material, but the diode machine is better on plastic marking. But the price, performance and stability have large difference. So it is not the machine is cheaper is better, the consumer must rationally select the best meet their demand machine to saving their cost and improve their production efficiency.


Hope the above information can do some help in your choice. Or you can contact me freely if you have any question about the laser marking machine. Attached the below contact method for your easy reference.

Skype: morntech02  

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