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How to check the question for laser tube

Time:Nov 04, 2015Author:Cherry

Laser tube is the most important part for CO2 laser cutting machine, and the machine cannot working well if there is any question with laser tube.


Now Morn will tell you how to trousbleshoot the questions for laser tube as below:

1. Cannot engraving very deep
1) Cannot enrave very deep at the beginning of flash: First of all, check whether the laser tube support point is reasonable or not, and whether the light strong set is too samll or not, and whether the light road offset or not, and whether the focal length is right or not, and whether the mirrors and lens was deignated marks or dirty, whether the cooling water of glow pressure normal or not. If the above several items didn’t have any problem, then check the laser tube of out light mouth within of lens, check whether there are any designated marks or dirty real, if they are also normal, then it is the laser tube problem.
2) Led a long carve deep: first of all, need to check whether the laser tube support point is reasonable or not, whether the water temperature exceed 30 degrees or not, whether the mirrors and lens heating when working, whether the cooling water flow pressure is normal or not, and whether the cooling water is clean or not. If all the above items are normal, then to check the laser tube
2. High voltage arc and electro discharge
Check whether the high pressure that around the head is free of dirt and wet or not, whether it is too close to the machine metal parts or not. And whether the laser power supply connections for high voltage devices are out of the bearing to the high pressure connection device is broken and damaged. If above items are all normal, then it is laser tube problem.

3. Laser tube burst, split, water-cooled head off
1) Check whether the water temperature was controlled in the range of 25-30℃ or not, noted prevent the cooling water cannot freeze in cold regions, especially after lasers is down, cannot allow water retention in the laser tube.
2) Whether the light is working under the control of the water protection or not.
(need to test whether the light will light or not following the water breaking)
3) Check whether the water pipes have become more prevalent or not
4) Check whether there is any bubble in the laser tube
5) Whether the water flow is normal or not, and noted the direction of flow is low, sell high.

Hope the above information can help you use the laser tube very well, and prolong the laser tube lifetime with right using.

If there is any question about laser machine, please feel free to contact me as below:
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