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how to adjust co2 laser cutting machine with high precision

Time:Jan 26, 2016Author:Miya

CO2 laser cutter was used for a period of time, there will be some cutting accuracy error, this error is often caused due to changes in focal length. So, learn how to debug precision laser cutter is the essential knowledge to operating, following small series for everyone to popularize it.

Precision CO2 laser engraving machine debugging method:
1.The focus of the laser spot is adjusted to a minimum when performed to establish initial burst effect, by the size of the flare effect to determine the focal length position, and we just look for the spot of the industry laser cutter to a minimum of time, then this is the best location Processing focal length, and then begin processing work.

2. In the first part of the co2 laser engraver debugging, we can use some debugging paper, scrap piece to determine the accuracy of the focus position of the burst, the height of the position of the laser head moves up and down, there is a different size variations will burst when the laser spot size. Several different positions to adjust to find the smallest one spot position to determine the best location and focal length of the laser head.

3. The co2 laser cutting machine after the installation is complete, a cut in his mouth CNC cutting machine equipped with a scribing device, draw a graph cut by scribing device simulation, simulation graphics of 1m square. Built with a diameter of 1m circle on the diagonal corners are zoned zoned finished, use the measurement tool is not the draw circles and tangent to the four sides of the square. 

Square diagonal whether √2 (square root data obtained about: 1.41m), round the axis side of the square should be divided equally, and the axis of the two sides of the square to square on both sides of the intersection point of intersection distance should be 0.5m. Distance between the test and the intersection between the diagonal, it can determine the cutting accuracy of the device.

If you have other question for adjusting the accuracy, pls be free to contact me, I am pleasure to help you to solve them.

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