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How does the fiber metal laser cutting machine work?

Time:Nov 23, 2015Author:Sofia

How does the fiber metal laser cutting machine works?

As we all know fiber metal laser cutting machine is mainly for metal cutting with super high accuracy and speed and more and more people want to own one. Before order a fiber laser cutting machine, do you know how does it works? Have you do enough study of it to ensure you could use it well? Morn show you here.fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber metal laser cutting machine laser takes the optical fiber (one kind of mid-infrared lasers) as the working substance (gain medium) which owns  super developing potential. According to laser Launching incentive, it can be divided into rare-earth doped fiber lasers, fiber lasers nonlinear effect, a single crystal fiber laser, fiber soliton lasers. Among them, the rare-earth doped fiber lasers have been very mature, such as erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) has been widely used in optical fiber communication systems. High fiber laser is mainly used in military (photovoltaic confrontation, laser detection, laser communications, etc.), laser processing (laser marking, laser robots, laser micromachining, etc.), laser medical and other fields.

Fiber is SiO2 matrix material pulled into the glass fiber entity, its guiding principle is total reflection utilizing light pipe, that is, when the light at an angle greater than the critical angle of the large refractive index optically dense medium, the refractive index of the optical sparse small When the media, that total reflection occurs, all the incident light is reflected to a large refractive index optically dense medium. Small refractive optical sparse medium is not light. Ordinary bare fiber generally consists of the central high refractive index glass core (diameter 4 ~ 62.5μm), intermediate low refractive index silica glass cladding (core diameter of 125μm) and the outermost reinforcing resin coating composition. Mode optical fiber by the spread of light can be divided into single-mode (SM) fiber and multimode (MM) fiber. Smaller core diameter single mode fiber (diameter of 4 ~ 12μm), only one mode of propagation of light, between which mode dispersion small. Multimode fiber core diameter thick (diameter greater than 50μm), propagate light in multiple modes, but its mode dispersion between larger. Press refraction distribution can be divided into step-index (SI) and graded index optical fiber (GI) fiber.

Take rare earth doped fiber lasers for example, particles of rare earth doped optical fiber as the gain medium, the doped optical fiber fixing constitute resonant cavity between two mirrors, pump light incident from the M1 to the optical fiber, the output of the laser from the M2, when When the pump light through optical fibers in rare earth ions absorb the pump light, its electrons are excited to a higher excitation level, to achieve population inversion. Particle reversed to shift from high energy form of radiation level to the ground state, the output of the laser.

metal fiber laser cutting machine sample

In a word, fiber laser is the product of high technology. With mature technology, the fiber laser cutting machine could be use more than 5 years and no any parts to maintenance. Morn offer 3 years warranty for the fiber cutting machine and 2 years warranty for the generator and provide lifetime technical support to help MORN customer could use MORN machine well.

If you also looking for a metal cutting machine, please no hesitate to contact with MORN, Laser cutting machine manufacturer is always your best friend!

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