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How Do We Choose A Laser Cutting Machine

Time:Apr 12, 2017Author:Elsa Lee

A laser cutter could aid include cutting speed, cutting effect and the cost, but it is important to be familiar with software operation.With power laser light come out, you will see the wonderful changes on your metal materials, it will become a artwork, a sturdy part, or a sign on the road.

Here are three the most important details for your reference:

1. Production performance

2. High quality and reliability

3. Machine use stable.

Precision fiber cutting machine with 2KW laser power most suitable 0.5-8mm thick stainless, 0.5-20mm carbon steel, thin aluminum and brass also with good cutting quality. Our MORN fiber cutting machine can totally meet your cutting request and also the important is, our machine with lots of advantages:

1. Designed with stylish appearance, beautiful modeling and easy operation features.

2. Wide range of application: stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, iron panel, copper panel, aluminum, gold, silver, etc.

3. The machine lathe has been polished and milled for hundreds of times to reach higher precision; the machine weighs more than 4000KG, strong and never deformed.

4. Major components of the machine all come from world’s famous brands, such as Germany IPG, China Raycus, Japan Fuji, Taiwan Hiwin, CypCut, etc.

5. Suitable for mass production, saving money, time and materials.

6. High cutting speed and perfect cutting edge with smooth plane and exquisite texture.

7. Japanese servo motors guarantee the cutting precision.

8. Professional and easy-to-use CYPCUT fiber cutting control system has full functions.

9. The DSP hand controller simplified the machine’s operation.

10. Every MORN fiber laser cutting machine is armed with convenient feeding device, reducing your workloads.

11. With Raycus fiber laser being adopted, MORN promises the machine can work for 100,000 hours.

12. The warranty of whole machine lasts for 3 years with fewer materials consuming and zero regular maintenance.

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