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Tips For Glass CO2 Laser Engraving

Time:May 17, 2017Author:Cherry

The glass is easily broken during the engraving process. So the glass engraving must be very careful. Lead content is different for different types of glass. Then its CO2 laser engraving methods are difference.


With the increase in lead content, glass hardness, high temperature viscosity and so on. The glass is also more easily broken. Ordinary glass is usually easier to carve than crystal glass. Because the crystal glass lead content is high, hardness viscosity decreases, increasing the difficulty of laser engraving.


Glass laser engraving process: When the laser beam touches the glass surface, the glass surface heats up, the glass molecules fly. If the glass can not be cooled down, the heat generated by the potholes will be bigger and bigger, the final carving effect will be as bad as mud.


The following recommended two glass laser engraving techniques to solve the problem of melting the glass:


1. Make glass surface wet before glass engraving. You can get wet newspaper covered in the glass, or use the cleaning solution to the glass wet. In order to make the glass engraving effect better. But it should be noted that the glass surface of the water will soon kill.


2. Through our proofing test, before the glass engraving. Use of protective foil or tape covered in the glass surface, to get the best engraving effect.


If you need to sandblasting the workpiece. CO2 laser engraving machine can also quickly make a suitable carving template. Paint the protective coating on the glass directly, and then use the laser engraving machine tracing pattern.


If you are working with hemispherical glass. You must choose a lsuitable focusing wavelength, such as a 50.8mm (2 inches) or 63.5mm (2.5 inches) focus wavelength. Because the suitable focus wavelength, with the suitable work area and laser spot. And then positioning the focus in the center position, so that the focus can be a very good external engraving effect.


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