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The flight cutting function of metal cutting machine

Time:May 31, 2018Author:April

Fiber metal laser cutting machine is professional for all kinds of metal materials cutting, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass etc. As the metal industry development, fiber metal cutting machine is more and more popular now. But we found a lot of customers didn’t know the flight cutting function of their metal cutting machines. Do you know it? If not, do not worry, let MORN introduce it for your reference.

When you use metal laser cutting machine to cut regular graphics (such as rectangles, full circles, polygons, etc.) and have a certain regular arrangement, flight cutting can be performed by scanning in the same direction as connecting the cutting segments, which will greatly increase the cutting speed and save the cutting time. So it is better to classify the graphics before scanning. It can save the cutting time.

Click scan button in “Home” menu then you will find the flight cutting parameters setting interface. The minimum length of the scan line means the minimum length of the actual cut length after cutting. Kindly noted, if the actual cutting length less than the givens. Your metal laser cutting machine will not give you any response and the system will show "It does not detect any curve to meet the fly-cutting conditions." It means you need to increase the parameter value of "minimum length of scan line”

The more examples of flight cutting to help you know it better:

Is it clear now? Flight cutting is the new function of metal laser cutting machine. It can save the cutting time when you use the laser machine. If you still have any confusion, you can contact with MORN GROUP directly. MORN is professional for laser machine over 10 years. We will try our best to help you. Open your metal laser cutting machine, try it.

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