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fiber laser marking machine working advantage

Time:Jun 03, 2015Author:Cherry

Although the fiber laser marking machine just appearance short time in the market. But it have already taken the major position in the marking market. Because it have all kinds of advantage. Now Morn will show you the main advantage for fiber laser marking machine to let you know more about it.

1. Fiber laser marking machine adopt the third generation fiber generator. And after the pump light source coupling electro-optic conversion efficiency can up to 80%, and the light quality is more higher, lifetime is long, and then it also can reduce the consumption.
2. The marking effect for fiber laser marking machine is permanent which is different with the ink jet machine, as this mark is durable, not easy to apply, also cannot change with the environment changer such as damp, dark, acid and alkali.

3. The power for total machine is very low, because of the fiber laser marking machine absence the Q switch, Q spare parts, Q power compared with other laser marking machine.

4. Meantime, it adopt built-in air cooling system which can reduce the power consumed in operation.

5. The lifetime of fiber laser marking machine is very long, it can over 100,000 hours. But the lifetime of CO2 is 30,000 hours, and the lifetime for YAG only 10,000 hours.

6. Working cost is very low. Because of the lifetime is long, working speed is quickly, then the consumption is very little.

7. It can mark all kinds of graphics, textile, code, etc. And it support the auto-coding, automatic jump number, etc.

8. The software of fiber laser marking machine can compatibility CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop software, etc. And it can support lots of format such as plt, dxf, ai, dst, bmp, jpg, etc.

Hope the above information can help you well understand the fiber laser marking machine. And if you have any needed in the laser marking machine, and want to know more information about it. Please contact us freely. We are not only offer you good quality machines, but also more well service.  

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