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Remember to add anti-freeze at your fiber laser machine in winter

Time:Oct 31, 2016Author:Cherry

At present, most of the northern cities in China, have entered the sub-zero temperature. And there are many cities in the world also entered to sub-zero temperature. In order to avoid the cooling of the cooling system caused by the cooling of the laser damage, please remember to add the anti-freeze at your fiber laesr cutting machine. Now Morn glad to provide you some of technical information and solutions for anti-freeze:


1. The basic principles and methods of antifreeze
Liquids have a "freezing point" that solidifies when the liquid temperature is below this "freezing point", and becomes larger in the course of deionized or pure water coagulation, which "braces" the piping of the water cooling system And seal connections cause damage. In order to avoid the cooling liquid coagulation led to the laser, the output head, water-cooled machine damage, there are three solutions:
(1) If the local will not power outages, the night does not turn off the water cooler, at the same time as energy saving, low temperature and room temperature water temperature to 5 ~ 10 ℃, to ensure that the cooling fluid in the circulating state and temperature not lower than the freezing point.

(2) Every day after the use of laser, laser output, water cooling machine inside the cooling liquid emptying.

(3)Use antifreeze as coolant.


2.The cooling water emptying method and pipeline design program reference for fiber laser machine
(1) Shut off the machine before using the water cooler automatically emptying
(2)Through low-pressure air emptying water
(3)Water-cooled machine drain opening. Finally, open the water cooler outlet will be the last water tank water emptying
Note: All the cooling water in the laser, the laser output head, the processing head and the water cooling machine must be drained cleanly to effectively protect the whole water-cooling pipe and related devices.


3.The use of antifreeze for laser

When the use of the environment often power failure and do not have the conditions of daily coolant emptying, you must use antifreeze. Antifreeze base fluid is generally composed of alcohol and water, requires a high boiling point and flash point, specific heat and conduction capacity, low temperature viscosity, not easy foaming, corrosion of metal parts, rubber hoses. Select or deploy antifreeze, the freezing point should be lower than the minimum temperature of the environment 5℃.

(1)The use of ethanol for short-term antifreeze:
If the blackout and can not drain the cooling water, you need temporary short-term antifreeze, can be added to the deionized or purified water, ethanol (alcohol), the amount can not exceed 40% of the tank volume, because the corrosive ethanol, Paint, rubber parts will have corrosion, corrosion of the metal, it can not be used for a long time, a week must be emptied and use pure water or deionized water to do the cleaning of the cooling pipe. If there is still antifreeze requirements must choose special antifreeze.

(2) The use of professional brand of antifreeze:

Recommended CLARIANT (Clariant) brand, suitable for laser systems in the antifreeze has two models:

A: Antifrogen N Glycol - Water Type (for industrial use, toxic to humans)
B: Antifrogen L propylene glycol - water type (food grade, harmless to human body)


Note: Any antifreeze can not completely replace the deionized water, can not be used throughout the year. After winter, deionized water or purified water must be used to clean the line and restore the use of deionized or purified water as coolant.


If conditional, we still recommend to improve the electricity environment, keep the water cooler does not shut down, or upgrade the cooling water design, the daily cooling water emptying becomes simple and fast.

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