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What is fiber laser cutting machine?

Time:Oct 17, 2016Author:Cherry


Do you know what is the fiber laser cutting machine? What its mainly application? Morn will tell you the answer as below show.


Working Principle:
Fiber laser cutting machine
is by high temperature instantaneous laser gasification plank, auxiliary gas blowing at the same time as the board that gasification slag, make itsseparation, and accompanied by mechanical movement of the machine, plate cutting processing work.



Applicable industries:
Morn fiber laser cutter is widely used in many kinds of industries. Such as the electric power, automotive, machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, Elevator equipment, sign, vehicle accessories, sheet metal fabrication, lighting hardware, display equipment, precision parts, metal products, sheet metal processing, steel market, Cabinet, CNC machine tools, special parts, machine, fan, air conditioning, solar energy, water heater shell casing, Board products, etc.


Applicable materials:
Fiber laser cutting sheet metal, tubes (plus cutting device for cutting pipe), mainly used in stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, electrolytic plate, brass, aluminum, manganese steel, fast cutting of all kinds of alloys, precious metals and other materials, etc.



The mainly advantages of Morn fiber cutting machine:
1. Excellent path quality: Smaller laser dot and high work efficiency, high quality.
2. High cutting speed: cutting speed is 2-3 times than same power CO2 laser cutting machine.
3. Stable running: adopt top world import fiber lasers, stable performance, key parts can reach 100,000 hours;
4. High efficiency for photoelectric conversion: Compare with CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine have three times photoelectric conversion efficiency.
5. Low cost: Save energy and protect environment. Photoelectric conversion rate is up to 25-30%. Low electric power consumption, it is only about 20%-30% of traditional CO2 laser cutting machine.
6. Low maintenance: fiber line transmission no need reflect lens, save maintenance cost;
7. Easy operations: fiber line transmission, no adjustment of optical path.


Do you want to know more details about our Morn fiber metal cutting machine? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. Welcome your inquiry.

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