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How much does fiber laser cutting machine cost?

Time:Sep 26, 2016Author:Cherry

As the fiber laser cutting machine is the best machine to cut the metals. Both consider from the machine cutting accuracy and speed. So now more and more person begin to choose our Morn fiber laser cutting machine in there business and industries.

If you are a fresh man for the fiber laser cutting machine, you maybe confusion about the laser cutting machine specifications, options, parts brand and functions. Most important, maybe you don’t know how much of the fiber laser cutting machine cost? And how to choose the most suitable machine? Don’t worry, Morn will help you check and recommend you the most suitable machine, acccording your detailed demand.

In order to help you better know the laser cutting machine cost. We would like to share some important parts with you. Which will big influence the machine cost, as below show.


Cheaper parts-that we don’t use

Regular quality parts

Higher quality parts

Laser source

Max Photonics / Super, etc


Imported IPG / Nlight

Laser head brand

Au3tech / Raytools, etc

Doemstica Preste / Worthing

Imported Lasermech / Precitec

Control system

Other domestic control system

Cypcut control system

Germany Simens control system / Beckhoff

X axis driver

1set 750W servo driver

1set 850W imported Japan YASKAWA / Panasonic servo driver

1set 850W/1800W imported Japan YASKAWA/ Panasonic servo driver (for laser source more than 1KW)

Y axis driver

1set 850W servo driver

2 Sets 1300W imported Japan YASKAWA / Panasonic servo driver

2 Sets 1800W/3000W imported Japan YASKAWA /Panasonic servo driver (for laser source more than 1KW)

Total driver sets

3 sets

4 sets

Transmission system

Single-side-drive ball screw

Double-sides-drive helical tooth pinion and rack

Water chiller

Single temperature control

Dual-temperature control


Domestic reducer

Imported Japan shimpo reducer

Up-down table




Light frame

Heavy frame(meantime, our heavy frame structure, with more processing technic, like long time high temprature failure, which ensure the machine long lifetime working, without deformation)

Actually, all of the above parts quality will big influence the fiber laser cutting machine cost. However, we don’r receommend you choose the cheap quality machine specifications. As the machine mainly is used to the high precision industries. And the machine with high value. So consider from long time using and working performance. We recommend you choose the regular or higher specifications.

It will be better that you tell us your industry, materials, size and cutting thickness. Then we will according your details, to recommend you the most suitable specifications and cost.

Do you want to know more details for the metal cutting machine cost? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. Welcome your inquiry.


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