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How Do You Know The Quality Of The Fiber Cutting Machine?

Time:Jun 28, 2018Author:Chris

Because of the different materials, cutting speed, cutting effect and cutting power. So for laser cutting process, the evaluation of its processing quality is mainly based on the following principles:


1. The cutting surface is smooth, no stripe, no burr, no brittle fracture; when the fiber cutting machine cutting the thick plate at high speed, the molten metal will not appear at the bottom of the laser beam, but it will be sprayed after the laser beam. In order to solve this problem, we only need to cut down the speed at the end of cutting process, thus greatly eliminating the appearance of texture.


2. The size of the cutting gap; cutting width has an important effect, when the thickness of the board increases, the width of the cut will increase. Therefore, in order to ensure the same high accuracy, no matter how wide the cutting width is, the work piece should be kept constant in the laser cutting machine area.


3. The perpendicularity of the cutting seam is good and the heat affected zone is small; in general, the perpendicularity of the section under 5MM is not the most important factor for the cutting of the metal laser cutting machine, but for the high-power laser cutting, the perpendicularity of the cutting edge will become very heavy when the thickness of the material is more than 10mm.


4. No material is burned, no melting layer is formed and no large slag is formed; the slag of the optical fiber cutting machine is mainly reflected in the deposition and cross section burr, and the formation of the burr is one of the important factors that affect the quality of the fiber cutting. Because additional work is needed to eliminate burrs, the severity and number of burrs can directly determine the cutting quality.


5. The heat effect of cutting material; heat affected area refers to the depth of the region where the internal structure changes; and the depression and corrosion are disadvantageous to the surface of the cutting edge, affecting the appearance. Controlling laser power and using short laser pulses can reduce parts' heat and avoid deformation.


In addition to the above five principles, the state and final forming of molten layer in laser cutting process directly affect the quality evaluation indexes mentioned above.


It is very important to know how to judge the quality of the cutting machine before purchasing the cutting machine, and if there are any questions about the cutting machine that can be consulted by email, We are glad to answer for you. MORN looking forward to cooperating with you.

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