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How to evaluate the quality of fiber laser cutting machine work?

Time:May 02, 2017Author:Cherry

Laser processing as the 21st century advanced manufacturing technology, has broad prospects for development. In the general material of the laser cutting process, due to faster cutting speed, parts of the thermal deformation is very small, cutting parts of the dimensional accuracy depends mainly on the laser cutting machine table mechanical precision and control accuracy. In the fiber laser cutting process, the use of high-precision cutting device and control technology, dimensional accuracy can be um level.


For laser cutting processing, the evaluation of its processing quality mainly includes the following principles:
1. Cutting smooth, no stripes, no brittle fracture;
2. Slit width is narrow, which is mainly related to the size of the laser beam spot diameter;
3. The slit vertical degree is good, heat affected area is small;
4. No material burning, no melting layer formation, no large slag;
5. The incision surface rough plating, the size of the surface roughness is the key to measuring the quality of laser cutting surface.


In addition to the above principles, the processing of the molten layer during the state and the final shape, a direct impact on the processing quality evaluation indicators.

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