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common questions and solove program about using home laser cutter

Time:Feb 16, 2016Author:Miya

Hello everyone, thank you to visit Morn website. Today, I show you common questions and right solved program after using home laser cutter for period time, now let’s to learn together.

First, the laser head does not emit light.
1, according to the operation panel ammeter test button to check the status of View:
A. not current: Check the laser power supply of low cost laser engraver is turned on, power lines are loose or fall off, the signal cable is loose;
B. a current: Check lens is broken, the light path is serious deviation; 
2, check water circulation system is normal:
A. water barrier: check the pump is damaged or not energized;
B. through the water: Check the inlet, if the outlet is reversed or broken water pipes; 
3, laser machine can do dot-shoot, test-self, does not emit light when send data(check computer settings are correct)

Second, there isn’t deep shades when industrial laser cutter carve or engrave
1. Check the water circulation system flow is smooth (pipe bend or pipe rupture);
2, check whether the normal focal length (recalibration);
3, check the light path of large laser cutting machineis normal (recalibration);
4, check the plate capped with paper is too thick, the water is too much (again corrected);
5. Check whether the parallel beam (adjustment on both sides of the belt);
6. Check lens is broken (replace);
7, check the tube lens or laser emitting end for contamination (re-cleaning);
8. Check the water temperature is above 30 ℃ (replacement of circulating water);
9. Check the laser head or the focusing mirror is loose (step up);
10, the laser current intensity required to achieve 8mA; 
11, laser tube aging (replacement: no charge in warranty time);

Third, the reset is not normal
1. Check the sensor is James Gray, bad or damaged (dust or wipe the sensor replacement);
2. Check the flexible conduction band data line is bad or damaged (trim data line reseating or replacement of data lines);
3, check the ground contact of large laser cutting machine is reliable or high-voltage lines for damage (re grounded or replace high-voltage lines);
4, the motor cable connection is bad.

As laser cutting machine manufacturers, glad to share you the above comments. Them is summed up according our experience for years, hope it will help you to solve your questions. If you have more suggestion or question, welcome to contact us. We will do our best to help you.

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