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laser tube installation for CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine

Time:Nov 10, 2016Author:April

As the laser glass of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine is fragile goods, the laser tube should be packed separately in order to ensure its safety during the transportation. So the users must install the laser tube before CO2 cutter machine installation and commissioning.
Laser tube should be mounted on the back of the CO2 engraver, open the protective cover of laser tube; you can see the two Vee-blocks.

Put the light-emitting window(low- voltage end) of laser tube with the same side of No.1 relfector mirror on the Vee-blocks carefully, and then latch on the rubber strip on the Vee-blocks wear of laser tube, fix laser tube well. 
Attention: 1) The laser tube can’t be fixed too tightly to avoid damaging it; 2) Be sure to keep the water inlet (laser tube high-voltage side) is located all the bottom of tube to keep the water filling the laser tube fully.
After fixed the laser tube, the water inlet pipe which connect with water sensor should be connected with the hight-voltage side water inlet mouth of the laser tube; the water outlet pipe should connect with the low-voltage side water outlet mouth of laser tube (if the weather is cold, in case of break the laser tube, we’ d better scald the end of the water pipe with boiled water to make it soft.), 

All the connectors must be butted firmly to prevent water leakage. The rubber pipe must be straight, can not be curled in order to avoid poor water flow.

Finally, let the high-voltage cable of the laser power supply connect to the high-voltage side post head of laser tube, the low voltage cable of laser power supply connect to low-voltage side post head of the laser tube.
For security, please seal the post head of the high voltage side and low voltage with silicon gel.

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