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CO2 laser machine for acrylic cutting

Time:May 05, 2016Author:April

We know that use of acrylic became more andmore wide, do you know how do the beaustiful acrylic sample? Now let MORN introduce how to cut acrylic by CO2 laser machine.

1. Why choose acrylic laser cutting machine to do? 

First, let's look at the principle of laser light. Laser is alight, and the nature of its electroluminescent, is made up of atoms (moleculesor ions) - generation of transition, and is caused by spontaneous emission.There after the process is completely determined by the stimulated emission ofradiation, so the laser has a very pure color.

2. How to cut laser cutting machine?

Basically acrylic laser cutting machine is very simple, usually set the maximum out put power of the laser machine and adjust your speed to cut materials. However, to achieve high-quality cutting results must be careful to select the parameter. Under vulgar Cutaway even better than polished, but if cutting speed is too slow,will be widened to the point where Cutaway extend out. In addition to speed,the cutting effect also depends on the focus and focal length used. 2.5-inchfocal length suitable for 3Mm_8mm thickness if greater than 8mm, focal length should be set to 5 inches. Focus can not touch the surface of the material should be in the range of about one-third of the material from the highposition. If the speed is too high, it will generate a lot of streaks. Air flow settings should be as small as possible to achieve the best quality. However,the greater the airflow, cutting speed can be faster.

3. Acrylic selection is also very important.

Acrylic there are two, one is castingmolding of acrylic, one is extruded acrylic. Casting molding of acrylic is verysuitable for laser cutting. For extruded acrylic, cutting the pressure isreleased, and the cutting angle becomes blurred. Uniform adjustment of thelaser beam is also important. Because if there is astigmatism or because orientations produced different angles, chamfer will not be vertical.Therefore, a good choice of laser source is especially critical of the laser beam quality. At the same time, as far as possible to prevent the laser beam isreflected also very important. Because the laser beam is reflected Cutaway will obviously not flush. Therefore, not all the material flat on the surface of the processing area. You can use a special cutting table. Thus, the laser beam is hardly reflected out, and cutting angle will be very neat. Another veryimportant point is that the protective film must be removed before processing. Acrylic laser cutting machine canprocess full use of acrylic, the waste generated is very little use of the material can reach 99%, cutting acrylic choice.

4. Acrylic laser cutting machine and theprocess prone to burning and produce fireworks, remember not to let the laser machine to work in unattended!

Morn has produced laser machine for manyyears, we have professional designer and technician in this area. Our Morn team is sunny and positive, we will try our best to offer each customer the bestservice. If you have any question about the CNC router or laser machine you cancontract us directly. We will try our best to help you.

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