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co2 laser cutter and paper cut

Time:Dec 24, 2015Author:April

In recently, art has not only previous traditional art. It has a lot of different art forms. however, whether traditional or a new kind of modern art, they can not separate with co2 laser cutting machine.
There are many ancient Chinese traditional art. The most popular one is  "paper-cut". Paper-cut art is relatively rare in the south, but that every one must be a expert in the north Many families regard this as a tradition passed down from generation to generation. And also the art of businessmen developed it into a commodity for people to sell. And now MORN laser cutter has been widely applied to the processing of paper-cut.

In a paper-cut processors, there are three or five workers in an orderly manner busy, a dozen paper laser cutter machine at high speed, the laser beam back and forth on a sheet of non-woven red walk, a few minutes, a dozen Xiqing Juanxiu folk paper-cut works completed.

CO2 laser engraving machine for paper-cut just need a few minutes. And a machine can work 24 hours a day, five or six hours shorter than manual shears carved a work time. A few one hundred thousand paper-cut, if cut by hand carved, to use nearly 100 people working day and night to three months to complete. Now, however, with the paper laser machine it all becomes different, a few people can easily be done in ten days.

Laser engraving machine effect our life, Morn suggest you choose one laser machine to make life easier and faster. 

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