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cnc laser machines for education institution

Time:Nov 20, 2014Author:Amar

Dear friends,

Good day to you all.

These days a lot of customers told us that they want to get machines for education institution, we have a lot of laser engraving machine and cnc router machine for that purpose.

We usually recommend machines according to customers working size and processing thickness. Now the very popular models are MT-L960, MT-L1390 and MT-L2513. Different sizes cost different prices, and equipment is also different. 

MT-L960 laser engraver link:

MT-L1390 laser cutting machine link:

MT-L2513 big size laser cutter machine link:

The popular cnc router machine  are normally for wood processing, like MT-CC1325, MT-C25B, and for furniture supplier, it could be MT-C25H.

You could also find the links for these machines:

MT-CC1325 wood carving machine link:

MT-C25B wood cnc router link:

MT-C25H ATC cnc router machine link:

If you need more information about these machine, do tell us directly PLS, online or by email, my email address is  skype is amorntech  And my name is Amar  微笑

Hope we could do business together~

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