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Choose a Co2 laser cutter

Time:Nov 08, 2016Author:Allen

What is the CO2 laser cutter?
It is the machine controlled by magnetic scales to make precise cuts of various organic materials such as wood, glass, cardboard, plastics, etc. For this purpose, this tool provides results of the highest quality and can help to increase productivity.
There is a wide variety in choice of CO2 laser cutters out there. ?And the selection is continuously growing. ?As such, I won't be discussing specific brands or models. ?I'll walking you through the factors to consider and decisions to make during the selection process.
How to choose a Co2 lase cutting machine?

Determine your needs
Before you start looking at laser cutters, you should be clear about what you are going to use it for.
Type of material
Lasers can be used on a wide variety of materials. ?You can learn more about those materials inline.?The type of material that you will be using will direct your choice of lasers. ?For example, you'll need a much more powerful laser for wood than you would for cardboard. If you want to cut paper, you need a low power laser tube, instead, if you want to cut soft metal, you may choose 130w or 260w laser tube.

Size of material
The size of the raw material that you will be putting into the laser will affect the working size of the item you will choose. ?Now, I buy my 1/4" plywood in 4'x8' sheets, but I don't have a 4'x8' laser. ?I cut the sheets into thirds so they fit into my 3'x4' laser.
Also the height of your material is important. If you want to engrave bricks, you'll need to fit those bricks under your laser.

Shape of the material
Most laser work is done on sheet material. ?But some work also involves tubular materials. ?Think about wine bottles, glasses, rolling pins, etc. ?If you want to work with round cylinders, you'll need a laser cutter that supports a rotary tool. ?A rotary tool is an add on that holds cylinders in the laser and rotates them so that the whole surface can be engraved. So do not worry through you have Cylindrical material.

Quality in machines across product lines and manufacturers varies greatly. It is everyone focused. ?A poorer quality machine will require more frequent maintenance and repair. One of the big drivers in qualitis the type of tube that the laser uses.

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