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Introduce Our New Friend - MORN® Big Size Fiber Marking Machine

Time:May 23, 2017Author:Elsa Lee

Good day to everyone! Today I will introduce to you our new friend. His name is MORN® big size fiber marking machine! He is a little shy boy even though he looks bigger than his brothers.

He is born to make tattoo for bigger size guys. Because his oldest brother can only mark 300*300mm area, and he is old enough cannot grow up bigger. So his parents worried everyday. They are looking forward to have a baby who can grow up as a basketball sportsman. Then they can work for the big size customers. Finally, their dream comes true!

MORN ® big size fiber marking machine can mark on 1000*1500mm flat area, he is not similar as his brothers use galvo lens scanning. He use servo system to move. His arms all with 750w power servo motor, and there has some cylindrical customers, he will add his drama rotary with 400w power servo motor, then he can mark tattoo on his cylindrical customers. That’s really amazing, right?

So here the little boy has some words want to tell all of you, please listen carefully.

Hello everyone! I am young but I am good at marking as my brothers and parents. Please don’t worry, I will offer you my best service. I can promise that you must be excited by my talent! I hope you will fall in love with me and my ability! Thank you everyone! See you soon!

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