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Automatic feeding laser engraving and cutting machine

Time:Apr 27, 2016Author:Cherry


Automatic feeding laser cutting machine is specially used for rolling materials engraving and cutting. As it equippped with the automatic feeding rubber rollers. That can feeding the materials very well when working.

In order to meet customers’ different requirements for materials feeding distance, speed and accuracy. We equipped with the unique rubber roller feeding design with driver and motor. Then the customers can setup the feeding distance and speed freely, when using the machine engrave or cut on materials.

Meantime, with the feeding function, you could cut the whole roll materials at one time. You just need to setup the materials feeding length, feeding number, space in our machine software. Then the machine will cut the rolling materials according your setup information. No matter you need to engrave or cut how long materials.

Strong and stable welded structure enables the engraving and cutting laser machine moving steady and speedy with high precision and prolong the machine life.

Technical parameter for automatic feeding laser machine:

Application for automatic feeding laser machine:

It is widely used in kinds of nonmetallic materials’ engraving or cutting. It can both work with flat sheet materials and also rolling materials. Such as fabric, rolling fabric, leather, rolling leather, PVC sheet, rolling PVC, rubber, rolling rubber, acrylic, wood, paper, rolling paper, double color plate, glass, ceramic prodcuts, etc.

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