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Application of Metal Cutting Machine in Metal Fabrication

Time:Jun 22, 2017Author:Allen

If there is one obvious trend in laser technology, then it is the rise of fiber lasers. In the past ten years, fiber laser cutting machine replaced the place of CO2 laser cutting machine and YAG laser cutting machine in the field of thin stainless steel. Compared with CO2 laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine work on below material:
1. Mild Steel 22mm
2, Stainless Steel 12mm
3. Aluminum 10mm
4. Copper brass 5mm
5.Galvanized steel 4mm

For fiber laser cutting machine, it is mainly used in below fields:
1.Sheet metal works
5.Automotive parts
6.Advertising craft
7.Lighting, decoration, jewelry
8.Electric cabinet
9.Furniture,door flower,window flower
9.Agricultural machinery
10.Refrigerator and washing machine making

Some clients also said “fiber lasers give us the ability to cut materials up to 1” mild steel, 3/8” stainless steel and 7/8” aluminum. Laser processing gives us the ability to cut burr edges and results in very narrow kerfs at extraordinary rates of speed. Having this capability in-house allows us to provide our customers with exceptional accuracy and high material utilization on both short run & long run fabrication jobs in addition to complex geometry cutting without the expense of special tooling. Fiber lasers is changing our life.


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