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How to use Alibaba Trade Assurance to buy a acrylic laser cutter

Time:Dec 14, 2016Author:Elsa Lee

Good morning everyone. This is Morn News in Wednesday morning. Thanks for your attention and watching our news. 

Lots of people know Alibaba and know his founder Jack Ma. Yes, Jack Ma and his Alibaba bring a huge chance to all over the world. He make “made in China” go abroad, he let the people from the world see the big business chance in China.

From this year, Alibaba release a new trading mode called “Alibaba Trade Assurance”. As we know most of the sellers in China just accept the T/T through bank, but some customers want to pay be credit card. In another situation, most of the buyer don’t know if the seller is a integrity sellers, “Trade Assurance” ensure the seller who with high credit. So let me introduce you how to buy a co2 laser cutter for acrylic through Alibaba.

Step one:

Searching laser engraving machine for acrylic on Alibaba, and you will find that there is a “Trade Assurance” beside the seller’s name. And there also has a level determination, MORN with three diamonds. It is a very high level.

Step two:

Leave the inquiry message on this products page or contact the seller directly. After your negotiation, the seller will drafting a order with details, then a Alibaba website link will be offered, it turn to a payment page.

Kindly note that: if you pay though the Credit Card, you need to pay a service fee to Alibaba, it is 2.8% of the payment.

After the payment, the seller will begin with the acrylic laser cutting machine produce and delivery. After the shipping time on the sea, you will get the machine for your acrylic cutting and engraving. Enjoy your machine time!

Ok. This is Morn News on Wednesday, thanks for attention and watching, see you tomorrow, Morn News always with you!

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