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Word Cup crafts laser making machine

Time:Jul 03, 2018Author:Cherry

The World Cup is held every four years, just like the Olympic Games. It is very famous in the whole world. Meantime, it almost held in different cities in each time. So there are many kinds of World Cup souvenirs made and well sell in each World Cup year.


Do you wanna to own the machine that for various World Cup souvenirs making? If yes, our Morn laser machines are rightly suit to you. With widely application, strong functions, fast speed, high accuracy, nice making performance, and low cost. Our Morn laser machines besides suit to making volume standard productions. They are also suit to making kinds of personal customized or DIY productions, that are more meaningful.


Morn CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine is professional in engraving or cutting nonmetal products. Such as make World Cup rubber stamp, engrave World Cup logo on hats, engrave famous football star pictures on clothes, cut and assemble nonmetal World Cup models or 3D crafts, engrave kinds of designs on nonmetal World Cup Trophies and Medals, etc.


Morn fiber laser marking machine and fiber laser cutting machine are professional in engraving or cutting metal products. Such as make metal World Cup Trophies and Medals, cut and assemble metal World Cup models and 3D crafts, engrave or cut metal logos, make World Cup metal key chains, World Cup necklace, World Cup rings, etc.


Meantime, Morn laser welding machine could use to weld kinds of metal products. And Morn laser cleaning machine could use to clean the products rust, or coated products, etc. They can let your several years World Cup crafts keep in new and fresh.


Are you interest in our Morn laser machines? If yes, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information checking.       

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