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Why the price of wood working CNC router have a big difference ?

Time:Apr 22, 2015Author:Sofia Gao

Why the price of wood working CNC router have a big difference ?
Almost 100% customers would look around before buying things. For example, before buying a wood working CNC machine, customers would like to compare come supplier then to decide to order. During the compare period, lots of customer will find that sometimes the machine model is similar, but the price is have big difference?

Morn CNC here show you the reason.

Generally the larger company, the higher price. Even though the same configuration, the same model and price will higher than smaller companies because the running cost of big company is higher than smaller ones. And they have to sell the products will higher price to ensure their benefit. For the big company, they usually have the separate after sale service, the sales assisitant, accountant as well as other officers, administrators, etc, so their CNC router price will be higher.

Another important reason is the configuration ! Many components and systems has too many manufacturers, domestic or imported. For example, the Y-axis guide rail of wood working CNC machine usually used linear guide rail which can be divided into square and round type. The square type, especially the imports guide rails is stronger, more stability, higher accuracy than round type as well as higher price. So does other parts. Like control system, it has has DSP type and computer type. The Water spindle has 3.0kw, 4.5kw and bigger power. The table have T-slot table and the vacuum table as well as other machine parts have different. All these different will effect the machine price.

At last, Morntech would like to say, before order a machine, do not put on the price only, you have to put focus on the products features. If your job is high accuracy, then choose a very lower configuration will be a bad choice and in other words, if your job only requirement very low accuracy, the very high component is also a waste. Before order a machine , learn more about it and choose the most suitable machine is a good choice. If you have any questions about wood working CNC machine, you are welcome to contact with Morn!

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