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Using tips for CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine

Time:Nov 26, 2015Author:Cherry

Do you know how to right use the co2 laser machine? Now Morn will share you some using tips for the CO2 laser engraving machine as below:

1. When used to connect cooling water, using the principle of low input and high output, adjust the outlet location, ensure that cooling water filled cooling tube, tube does not bubble, turn on the power again.Requirements: cooling water used soft water (distilled water or pure water), and to often note cooling water of water temperature, water temperature should control in 25 ℃-30 ℃ range, shall not high or low, especially summer, once found water temperature high, should timely replaced cooling water or downtime rest a time: cold area cooling water shall not freezes, especially laser downtime Hou, shall not let cooling water storage left in laser tube, so as not to cooling water freezes led to burst.(Special Note: users using Exchange, cooling water tank be sure to ground)


2. Two supporting points of the laser tube laser tube length of 1/4 point, ensure that the flow of cooling water in 2L-4L/minutes;Otherwise the result is bad, it will cause the bounce, spot a few points resulting in decreased power;Cooling water must be covered by water in the water tank, or laser tube cooling system filling every time you turn off the power on the discontent.


3. CO2 laser engraving machine Protect the laser output Windows, avoiding process (also included in the process of commissioning the light path) sputter of smoke generated to the output window surface, prevents the output window outer surface is contaminated, power drops, absorbent cotton or cloth dipped in ethanol and gently wipe the outer surface of the output window.


4. In the process of debugging, support or rotating laser direction by adjusting the laser to achieve the best output effects and lasers will be fixed.


5. Please note: to avoid accumulation of dust near the high voltage electrode, to keep dry, high-pressure side is far from metal as much as possible to prevent high voltage spark discharge CO2 laser engraving machine.


6. Lasers are used in the process, there must be no scale formation in the cooling tube, so as to avoid water clogging and poor cooling effect.Once found, free 20% hydrochloric acid cleaning of cooling tubes to remove scale.


7. Lasers for glassware, fragile.Installation use, avoiding the stress.


8. Rationalized application laser, laser energy savings, the working current of laser tube best point at 16MA.


If you have any question when using the CO2 laser cutter machine, please feel free to contact us, we will help you find a solutiong. Thank you.


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