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The performance between the laser tube and purchase considerations

Time:May 19, 2016Author:Elena

Laser tube is the heart of the laser machine. Morn teach you how to choose a suitable laser tube when you need to change.. KIindly see below:

1. Life: Due to laser tube laser engraving machine as consumable and therefore, life has become the main users purchase index. Differences in life caused mainly due to the processing technology, design technology as the main factor. The working life of the average domestic laser tube at 1500 hours (60W as an example).

2. The laser energy: Different properties of the laser tube, the maximum light intensity differences.

3. spot Quality: The performance is determined by the mode of the laser tube. Quality spot, determined by many aspects of the production process. Spot quality directly affects the performance of the user during use.

4. Stability: poor product performance, stability prone to leakage, external non-burst and other issues.

 Co2 laser tube laser with foreign difference:

  The purpose of processing and application of domestic glass laser (ie, laser tube) and imported laser of its implementation is basically the same. In appearance, structure, life, property, there is a big difference. Vary greatly in terms of price, the same power, imported laser probably is several times the domestic laser. (Similarly life also vary greatly. Import co2 laser can be used repeatedly inflated use, domestic glass laser tube is generally used as a one-time use) Therefore, the domestic glass laser, due to low price, economical and practical domestic and foreign customers recognition.


 1. Required use of circulating water in good condition.

 2. Required supporting reliability of laser power.

 3. The wiring should be done reliable insulation



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