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Reasons for power attenuation of laser cutting machine

Time:Dec 01, 2015Author:Miya

With the popularity of laser cutter machine, tube of laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine is also a corresponding been rapid development, especially fiber laser cutting machine is by virtue of the international new fiber laser device has attracted people of all ages.

However, in practical application of fiber laser cutter for sale, many users complain importance attenuation laser cutter aging fast, then the cause attenuation of fiber laser cutting machine what? Here for everyone by the simple introduction.

In fact, for co2 laser cutter, no matter how good a laser device, will appear the attenuation aging, even fiber laser cutting machine such a new type of fiber laser output of new developments in the international high-energy density laser beam laser equipment is no exception, and therefore the use of fiber laser cutting machine should pay more attention to maintenance, and to fully understand the reasons for the attenuation of fiber laser cutting machine, the following two reasons attenuation fiber laser cutting equipment:
First, the presence of the laser itself issues.
Fiber laser cutting machine is a need for regular external light path of the laser generator maintenance and maintenance. In fact, laser laser cutting machine at work for some time, the power drop is inevitable. When power drops to affect production, when it is necessary for the laser and external light path maintenance. When maintenance is completed, cutting capacity level will be restored to the factory defaults.
Second, the production site environment and conditions have a significant impact on the power of fiber laser cutting machine.

As the quality of compressed air (mainly oil filter, dryness, dust). Production site of dust, smoke more, and some users the paint job on the nearby fiber laser cutting machine, which will affect the cutting quality and cutting capacity fiber laser cutter.
Read the above description, I believe we all already know why laser cutting machine Jinan power attenuation of the bar, if you still do not understand, you can consult the automatic laser cutting machine of professional and technical personnel, will be able to solve your problem. I hope this information can help to everyone.

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