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Professional using specification of laser cutter machine

Time:Nov 10, 2015Author:Miya

Did you have laser cutter machine now, how to use this machine after got? Now let Morn, show you proffestional using processing. Following it to use your machine, using life of machine can be extend so long. Now pls check the following.

1. Laser generator
1) make sure the laser power from the power supply of "regulated" output, unavailable "mains" output.
2) to ensure the quality of the laser gas.
3) when replacing the cylinder, first clean the lip, and then open the gas to blow off the debris inside the bottle mouth.
4) in order to ensure clean CP lasers and laser PRC front window to replace ordinary compressed nitrogen as a protective gas. The use of high purity nitrogen (99.999%) as a protective gas laser.

5) ensure that the cooling system is reliable and stable operation, its temperature, pressure, flow to meet the requirements of the laser, so as to ensure reliable and stable operation of the laser.
6) prohibits the operation of laser openings, to ensure safety.
7) to built built a small room for laser, and the outside world to ensure that dust, indoor installation of air conditioning, cooling and dehumidification, the ambient temperature and humidity to ensure that the four seasons below the dew point.
8) when the door overhaul laser to ensure high voltage power supply is disconnected and locked. Before contact charging device, make sure that the high pressure on the ground discharged.
9) according to the state of the laser gas consumption is set to increase gas consumption, can improve the laser quality, but increases operating costs.
10) regular observation of the cooling water flow, temperature and pressure, water temperature, laser discharge current, turbine sound.

2. Water chiller
1) make sure that the water-cooled machine stable power supply, phase sequence is correct.
2) make sure the top of the water-cooled engine cooling fan unobstructed.
3) water-cooled machine outside temperature ≥5 ℃.
4) daily clean up the dust on the fins.
5) ensure that the cooling water components meet the requirements.
6) note that the water temperature is set with the laser, respectively.
7) weekly check the water level, water quality, pipeline.
8) changes in water quality and PH value, every 3-6 months to replace water chiller.
9) each quarter, the cleaning water filter cartridge once a year to replace a filter (PRC).

3. Host
1) strictly in accordance with the sequence of operations on, off.
2) prohibit non-qualified personnel to operate and maintain the machine.
During 3) machine work, prohibited people and goods entering the table, to ensure human safety; the operator to focus, dangerous situation to press "stop" button as soon as possible.
4) adjust the machine light path, in follow-up mode adjustment of the cutting head, it must be carried out in the correct sequence of operations to ensure human safety.
5) each boot, going back to the reference point, the focusing lens cleaning up, calibration beam - coaxial nozzle, open cutting assist gas bottle pressure should not be less than 1Mpa.
6) checked once a week outside of the light path shielding gas, cold road cabinet, cooling water, air compressor, cold and dry, the water discharge filter.

If you need other information, such as, installation of machine and learning of software, so on, pls contact Morn, we will supply general and professional answer.

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