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Popular mixed laser cutting machine from Morn

Time:Jan 25, 2016Author:Miya

Laser cutter machine is wildly used in many industry. It can do work on non-metal, and improve the working effectiveness. But its only drawback is that it just do non-metal. 
So now let’s introduce a mixed laser cutting machine for non-metal and metal.

main feature
1, using high-strength frame integrated structure bed, good rigidity, ensuring high stability of the equipment.
2, the guide base using high-precision gantry milling, and the use of imported linear guide, installation using precision collimator test to ensure that equipment, high-speed, high precision.
3, advanced new design, a unique fully enclosed structure constant light path.
4, follow the smoke and exhaust system combined with high power smoke, smoke more thoroughly.
5, mixing cutting capacity of the machine: for stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic, and wood can be cut.
6, high-precision machine: Fuji servo imports, with imports of ball screw transmission, greatly improves the device response speed and cutting accuracy, longer product life.
7, constant optical system: The CO2 laser cutting machine uses a constant first optical system, to achieve a full-format high-precision cutting
8, the beam is more stable new high-speed laser tube life of up to 10,000 hours
9, for the industrial field, CO2 laser cutter can be equipped with automatic transmission, you save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Applicable industries:
Clothing proofing, large-format cutting, leather industry, footwear, decoration, furniture, advertising, packaging and printing industry, the model industry, craft gift industry.

Application materials:
Metal and non-metal, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic (PMMA), cloth, leather, paper, wood products,, glass, film, foam board, canvas and so on.

If you want to cut and engrave metal, non-metal material, pls contact Morn, we will supply you best price and best service.

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