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Operating Procedures of Laser Cutter Machine

Time:Nov 25, 2015Author:Miya

Morn is a lead manufacturer of co2 laser engraving machine and CNC router in China, we are have a team of professional salesperson, they can teach how to choose machine and how to install it, etc.
Now let us to learn precautions when you install laser cutter.

1. open the power supply switch, the output voltage is switched to the regulator mode, you can not use the mains.
2. the power switch is turned on the machine.
3. connected to the machine control power supply (key switch).
4. until the system self-test is completed, the machine back to the reference point for each axis.
5. start the chiller, check the temperature, pressure (normal pressure is 5bar).
The chiller power for 3 minutes, the compressor starts, the fan rotation, starting refrigeration cooling.
Note: Chiller heat sink to be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive dust affect work, distilled water tank replaced every four months, do not use tap water or purified water.

6. open the nitrogen bottle, oxygen bottle, check the cylinder pressure, start air compressor, cold and dry.
Note: air compressor, cold and dry filter must be drained every morning, outside the optical path of the lens side before blowing a filter must be checked at any time, without water or oil, otherwise contaminate the lenses. Gas supply must be improved to make it standard.
7. to be reduced to a set temperature chillers (set at 21 degrees), and then turn on the laser total power, open the low-pressure (white button).
8. when the laser panel appears the word "HV READY" when the high pressure.
9. when the laser operation panel appear the words "HV START", the laser light is red, the upper right corner of CNC system previously displayed "LASER H-VOLTAGE NOT READY" alarm disappears, indicating that the high pressure is normal, the laser enters the standby state.
10. before cutting to confirm the material type, material thickness, material size.
Note: Check all the cutting head is very correct, cutting non-metallic materials must contact cutting head (plus non-metallic detection rings).

11. adjustment plate, so that the edge of the machine parallel to the X-axis and Y-axis and, to avoid cutting head outside the working range of the plate.
12. the Z-axis is moved to the starting point from cutting, simulation program to be executed to ensure that does not appear to exceed the soft limit alerts, enter edit mode, adjust the power, speed, punching time depending on the material type and thickness.
13, to cutting carbon steel plate, choose oxygen in manual mode, adjust the barometer to cut the desired pressure value. Then check the focus position, perform coaxial inspection procedures to ensure that the laser beam passes through the nozzle center, Z axis servo to the plate surface, adjust the board to determine the distance from the nozzle (adjustment potentiometer control box).

14. to be above the normal, in order to switch to the execution state, cut the workpiece.
15. where there is the process of cutting dross, slag, or other abnormal conditions return, should be immediately suspended, to identify the reasons, the problem is solved and then continue cutting in order to avoid damage to the device.

16. the work is completed, shut down in the following order:
1) The Commissioner laser hypertension.
2) In the laser panel is closed low pressure.
3) Disconnect the main power lasers.
4) off the chiller.
5) Disconnect the machine control power supply (key switch), the power switch off the machine.
6) off cold and dry.
7) off the air compressor.
8) Turn off the nitrogen and oxygen valves.
17. disconnect the power supply.

If you install your laser machine according the above process, your laser cutter machine will be with long using time. About other question, such as debugging, maintenance of machine, pls contact us directly, we will give you detail answer.

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