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Jinan Morn Group Outing in Spring

Time:Mar 31, 2015Author:Sofia Gao

Jinan Morn Group Outing in Spring

Here are four seasons in a year, and in China, the four season has it own obvious characters. Summer means very hot, Winter is so cold, Spring means to growth, and Autumn standard for harvest. 
In the spring, the flowers begin to blossoming, the grass become green and the birds start to sing. Everything come to alive. At this perfect time, we could not only focus on work, but also for the beautiful scene. Our company organized to go mountain climbing to exercise body and enjoy the beautiful nature .

Morn Group always outing to help sellers to stay energy powerful. 
This time we go to Wufeng Mountain, a famous tourism resort to relex ourselves. 
Outing makes people happy, especially makes the international sellers happy. Because most of intentional business have been done on the internet, so lots of international seller always stay in office and contact the customers by computer. The outing time is rare, but is also necessary to keep healthy. At this beautiful season, Morn go out together to enjoy the nature bring us Vitality and energy!  


Morn Group Team

  CNC router machine team


wood CNC router machine team

For now, we have 3 international CNC router machine teams, which is all experienced for this fields. And each team has it own name! 
Outing and enjoy the nature is really good !

CNC router team 1

 morn group

Team 2 and team 3

 Morntech team

There are miles of mountains and beautiful scenery, which is a rare piece of land. Forest bathing in the depths of the forest park, south by white tiger valley, north near QingLongYu, in accordance with the way in foshan, the true view overlooking a hole. Castle peak green jade here, towering Pine and cypress.

 morn group colleague

By the way, Jinan Morn Group is the manufacture of CNC router machine and CNC laser machine since the year of 2008, With the years of development our Atmosphere become better and better, as well as our products. So If you also in the field of CNC router machine or you are looking for job, you could contact us and join us ! Morn is always your best choice! 

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