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How to use Co2 Laser engraving Machine engrave on wood?

Time:Oct 26, 2015Author:sofia

Morn laser engraving machine MT-L1390

Do you also use co2 laser engraving machine and works on wood? Do you know how to engrave wood more beautiful? Morn show you here and hope we can help you to use your machine better.


When using co2 laser engraving machine to engrave wood, it is better to choice the light-colored rough wood, such as birch, cherry, maple, etc. because it can be vaporize easily by laser and more suitable for engraving. (Note: Before engraving the unfamiliar wood, study the engrave features is necessary.)


Generally, wood engraving is usually adopt overcast and required deeper engraving. So the working power is better set higher in case of a hard wood may cause the graphic engraving after the color becomes darker. If you want to make the color lighter, engraving speed can be improved, and try a few times. Some wood engraving will produce some soot attached to the wood surface. If there is painted wood, wipe carefully by damp cloth and if there is the unpainted wood, please wipe again and again till to clean, or the wood surface will be easy damaged.

wood laser engrave


After engraving, there are a burning sensation on the wood surface, matches the wooden background will come out an an original artistic pieces. The art color and depth mainly depend on the engraving power and speed. However, some wood is extreamly soft, no matter how to change the working speed and power, you can not change their outcome color (eg birch). The color of the finished product, you can use paint to make the goods excellent.

wood laser engraving machine sample


Co2 Laser engraving machine adopt the point to point engrave method which owns the natural advantages in terms of gray scale performance. It is better to design design the gray forms, so it can reduce the coloring process costs; on the other hand, it enrich the engraving performance, increase the level of graphics. Users in the use, within the first graphics do different gray fill (text first converted graphics), select the black and white engraving output mode, you also can try different outlets effect, the accuracy is generally no more than 4500dpi, you will get some surprise.


If you have any operate problems or if you are interested in this kind of laser machine, please no hesitate to contact Morn! Morn is always your best choice!

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