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Maintance Methods For Morn Laser Machine Water Chiller

Time:May 08, 2018Author:Shawn

It’s time for MORN weekly news report and today brings you knowledge about water chiller maintenance. The northern hemisphere is about to enter the summer and the southern hemisphere is about to enter the winter. For users of CO2 lasers and fiber cutting machines, proper use and maintenance of the water chiller is very important at this period.The water chiller which MORN laser use can adjust water temperature according to temperature and humidity. Generally, customers do not need to change any settings on it. Then it can be used normally.


In summer, water chillers are prone to rust and block, resulting in poor water circulation. At this time, it is necessary to periodically replace the circulating cooling water and use purified water or distilled water as circulating water. Please notes that countries in the tropics and other countries with high temperatures should follow this use and maintenance method throughout the year.


In winter, the water in chiller is susceptible to freezing, then the water chiller is easy to break, after use it the water should be drained or add antifreeze in the water.


 Then whatever winter or summer, for laser sources below 1000 watts, we recommend water circulation for a while and then turn on the laser source. These advantages are as follows:


1, when the temperature is low, the water circulation will increase the water temperature for a period of time, which is conducive to the normal work of the laser source


2. When the humidity is high, internal condensation caused by water may be caused. After the water circulates, the water cooler automatically adjusts to the appropriate water temperature to eliminate condensation.


Notice that will be good maintenance chillers and increase working lifetime. MORN offers you the best quality machines and the best after-sales service. Hope our machine can create more benefits for you.




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